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Nice "tool"

Very nice and simple. Now I can "proof" to my daugthers when the music is way too loud. Should have a memory check later the peaks and maybe the average.

Getting better...

But it should come with kind of a screen shot, to doesnt need to press any buttons that will influence on the results... Kind of a command "save screen to rol"... The chart could be more detailed to be usefull...

Does not work:-(((

Crashes immediately under iOS 7


Sept.2/08 Version 1.0 Great idea for an application. I am enjoying this, even though it is very bare-bones but would love to see some additions for future version updates. - Peak hold time option (.3s to 10 seconds to forever) with manual reset. Touching the screen resets the peak. - Custom decibel scale for seeing more or less range on the meter. it would be nice to be able to use the whole screen for the 60-110dB range for example. - Customizable meter colors and threshold level for meter color shift. - Average SPL level over a time frame.. 30 sec, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 mintes, etc. Id probably pay a little more for a meter that had those features, or others. Not sure how accurate one can expect a cel phone mic to be though..

dont give up!

Well, its defenitly not worth more than a dollar. Great idea but a finger clap at one foot gives me a peak reading of 115db!!! The average reading is +_ 10db accurate so it is just a toy for now. With a weighting value and calibration maybe we could get somewhere? I had the app freezing and quiting one me once but nothing harmfull...

Very limited meter

As another reviewer commented, the meter seems quite off the mark with simple sounds like a foot tapping (peaks with sudden sounds) and is fairly useless outside of measuring average street/ambient sounds. It would have been useful for accurately measuring louder volumes such as in theaters and clubs, but right now its an unfortunate toy.

Good idea, but...

Need some work... like capability to memorize, etc...

It does what it says

This app does what it says. The updated version is even better. Lets face it this and all other similar ones depend on the accuracy of iPhone mic. You want 100% results, the should get a professional unit. I wish it would measure higher than 100 Decibels. 140 or even 150. I strongly hope it will be on the next update. I use it in music halls etc when DJ or Musicians go very loud. It is an ideal way to calm down ear piercing loud music to bring comfort to listeners. Thank you


App doesnt quit. It works perfectly fine but pressing the home button doesnt seem to have much effect on the app. All control functions/ home button/ sleep button were non-responsive until i connect the computer. So i cant use it outside. I want my money back...

App is crap!!!

As posted by another user, this app will not close once started. Phone has to be hard booted to clear. Already deleted and I want a refund!!!!!

Decibel meter

For all of the idiots giving low reviews because it doesnt close, you need to press the "stop sampling" button on the bottom left of the screen. The app does what it says and is all I need.


App did not run on iPhone 5S refund page did not open.

Dont buy keeps crashing

I have a iPhone 5 and it worked the first ten minutes. Now it crashes and wont open. I tried resetting phone and app. Waste of money and I would like a refund

Dont pay for it

Simply doesnt work, a waste of money and time

Excellent! My own portable audio meter.

This will be a tremendous tool for helping me learn how loud decibels are. Well worth the price.

Waste of money

Do not buy this app I wasted a dollar and its way off db levels are no where close to what they should be.

As advertised

Does what it says and I have found it very educational. I would like to see A weighting, and smoother averaging, bit overall a swell little app. You might be suprised how loud that music is you are listening too. Hearing loss occurs at just 85 dB prolonged exposure.

Nice App for educational and entertainment purpose.

Nice Application. Not high tech but it works. The average, and peak is good but I would like to see a third scale for Peak Hold, which would be the absolute Max sound peak. I would like to have the option to rotate the entire display 180 degrees, this way I can point the microphone towards the sound source and still properly view the display.

Works great but

I would give it 5 stars but when I clicked to install it. 20 minutes went buy and it was stll loading and when I clicked on it my iPhone locked up for 5 hours. Then I got a message to download it through iTunes. After I did that the app. And phone work fine. It could have been on my end also. Great app. Though

Works as described, but can only go so high

Do not buy this app if youre measuring sounds over 114db. It caps at 114 and is unable to go any higher.

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